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Understanding the Prophetic 101A

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Course Description

Understanding the Prophetic 101A Objectives Upon completion of this course, students will be able to truly decipher between the gift of prophecy, spirit of prophecy, and again a light flavor - office of the prophet. Participants will be able to move forward with clarity understanding of why we must be taught, trained, and coached in such a prolific subject matter especially because we are in the age where the Prophetic is gradually being accepted back into the kingdom within the earth realm. And very importantly why discipleship is KEY to your success. Obeying those who have rule over you for they watch for your SOUL that they may do it with GREAT JOY! Every saint of God needs a COVERING whether you operate within the gift or spirit of prophecy, and especially within the Office of the Prophet! Instructional Methods Lecture, class discussion, demonstration, and presentations. Starting October 1, 2022 - Ending November 19, 2022

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